domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

My body hurts. It all by a Rock'n'Roll Festival we had here yesterday. That was cool.
Drank a lot, but I didn't get drunk like I wish. Mainly because certain things I heard.
Always getting hurted? People - just like me I could say - speak to much, but don't make things the way just said. It's easy say things to solve others ones problems, not ours.

"I always say the truth, but if not, I could be lying right now."

quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Nothing to much to write these days. All the boredom have not allowed me to write here too much.

This weekend we have here the Mayor's Election. I just want to drink. Seems funny huh?
A lot of friends will be here, so a great party seems to have taking form to happen. And this is what I expect to occur. 

I took some more Driving Lessons, and I am close to earn my Driving ID. 

Sleeping has got me so hard these days. Not normal for me, which had passed so long time with that cruel and merciless sleeplessness.

So, bye, better go.

"Merely a small piece of dust."