quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2007


Will morrow bring thee to me?
This anxiety within
Stifleth my heart

Without thee I cannot live
Thou took a piece which
for me is my life

Wipe out me if thou can'st
If thou wantest
If not prithee say
When thou come back
Whenever be
I need to hear

A candle inside me remaineth (but)
Fire is fading
I hope Return not be mythus
Longing thee is my foible
Sparks they go lower
Though still carry on

I shall wait the answer forever
Longing feeling for thy face
And those words I would like...
Thy eyes and smile

Bring her back Heavens
If there is a Lord up there
"What about thy plans?
If they are thine..."

Beloved shalt thee return
Show me thy real feelings
No one ever turned me like this
No one ever will be able to aid me

My love gyveth me and my heart
Another person is impossible
I nearly can pretend no more
If not wantest me anymore
Leave my heart on the shore
For the sea
For the waves

If not lovest me anymore
Do not return with that piece
Leave the ocean guide it
Wherever be
I need not it and anything

Painful waiting time such
Maketh me wonder
"How much?"
Lembranças de algumas poesias antigas.
Muitas falam de amor - o que é Amor? - outras de sentimentos diversos que sentia e alguns ainda sinto de fato.

Wishful Awakening

Loveletters lies on the table
left to the Time
A brokenheart lies on the bed
staring at the skies ahead
Deepest sorrow drowns me
while I wander in beauty thoughts of thee

Empty heart brings the gloom
The waiting for thee hurts within
I see leaves fall from the trees
To make a mourning wreath
Dark destiny upon our head
Didn't leave us forever close
Red tears run through thy face
To shed upon a lot of roses
Thou wert my join and pain
Written on my Fate's pages
Lone... I gaze at the drops of rain
Hope... To hold thee in arms again

In my dreams thou comest
in veils of silk I see
Desire seems the strongest
to turn it all reality
All fall to bleak I awake
...once hopeful now hopeless
...once happy now loneliness
Still being my nightmare